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Driving test explained

All the routes will include a range of typical road and traffic conditions. During your driving test the examiner will try to put you at ease, but may not speak to you too much to avoid unnecessary distractions. You will be given clear instructions and directions. You will also be asked to carry out 1 manoeuvre and approximately 20 minutes of  independent driving with a GPS.
The driving test will last approximately 40 minutes and your examiner will be assessing the following:

  • Whether you are competent at controlling the car
  • Whether you are mantaining normal progress for the roads you are on
  • How you react to any hazards that occur in the course of the test
  • Whether you are noticing all traffic signs, signals and road markings,
    and reacting to them in the correct manner.
Once your driving test is over your examiner will spend a few moments to complete the form and check their adding up. You will then be told whether you have passed or failed. If you fail, your examiner will offer you a detailed debrief on your driving test. Its worth asking your instructor to listen to the debrief as you may not take it all in straight after the test.

To Take with you for the Driving Test

  • Provisional Licence
  • Theory Pass Certificate
  • Appointment Letter
  • Provisional Licence
  • Theory Pass Certificate
  • Appointment Letter

Driving School

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