Pass Plus




Newly qualified drivers are more likely to have accidents, simply because they are less experienced. Twenty per cent of
new drivers will be involved in an accident during their first two years behind the wheel, that's why insurance premiums
are so high. Reserch shows that accident liability is reduced by nearly half after two years' of driving experience.

Pass Plus is a scheme designed to help new drivers gain valuable experience to develop skills and techniques,
improve anticipation and awareness, learn how to reduce the risk of accidents and maintain a courteous and considerate
attitude on the road. Pass Plus pupils undergo a series of six modules of at least one hour each.

These cover:

  • Introduction and town driving
  • All-weather driving
  • Out of town driving and rural roads
  • Night driving
  • Dual carriageways
  • Motorway driving


Drivers who complete the course can be offered substantial discounts on their insurance premiums. This is usually
a free one year's no claims bonus which can amount to a 30 per cent saving - more than the cost of taking the course.
Many local authorities are offering financial help to people wishing to take a Pass Plus course, with discounts of up
to 50 per cent off the full tuition costs.

Go to to see if your local authority is listed.